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Lightfective is a new and rapidly growing player in the field of light-based medical aesthetic devices, with a game-changing technology. This medical and aesthetic technology innovator was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and engineers with a proven track record of success who have already established and led highly successful medical-aesthetic device companies in the past.

Lightfective is dedicated to optimizing its patented Power LED technology – which is poised to become the new gold standard for professional, constant-energy, light-based medical treatments. The first in a planned line of professional solutions, the company’s ReBorn device signals a true revolution in non-invasive fat reduction.

Despite being the relatively “new kid” in the market, Lightfective has already begun to forge a strong name for its offering in the initial markets it has entered. Tsvi Bahat, Lightfective’s CEO, elaborates about the company’s business strategy as it sets out to become a significant player in its field.

According to Bahat, ReBorn was designed for professionals and uses major leaps in LED technology to provide a safe and versatile light source for uniform, highly efficient energy-based treatments. This innovative technology is optimal for non-invasive fat reduction and has already. Despite turbulent COVID-19 times, achieved a significant amount of very positive results and a growing base of satisfied customers.

Science and technology are at the heart of Lightfective’s corporate DNA. A major pillar of the company’s values and strategy is the thrive to develop cutting edge solutions that provide superb results. And so far, ReBorn is living up to this goal. The results the company is seeing from the growing number of patients that are undergoing ReBorn treatments are consistent and highly satisfying.

Bahat says that building a top-notch system is one of the company’s main areas of focus, but not the only one. In addition to improving the lives of consumers, part of Lightfective’s strategy is deeply committed to the success of its partners, providing not only the best-engineered device on the market, but also support throughout the device’s lifecycle – from financing, through marketing, to ongoing technical service.

To achieve its goals, Lightfective is utilizing a tried and tested strategy that has been successfully proven and validated by the company’s seasoned management team in previous ventures. The company began its initial launch in the European market, building on a combination of its strong network of partners, previous experience in the market, the ability to leverage the single CE approval required for multiple countries, and the close geographic proximity to the company’s HQ. This enabled Lightfective to provide strong clinical, technological and technical support to its partners and clients through the initial launch of ReBorn.

The company has already launched ReBorn in France, Italy, the UK and is in the process of entering other European markets.

In parallel, the company also launched the product in Israel. Israel provides a significant advantage in this field as it is a very mature and competitive market with a high level of solutions and services. This makes it an ideal launching ground for products like ReBorn in order to gain expert knowledge and insights, as well as adjust, modify and improve the product as needed based on the data and insights collected.

Setting the Infrastructure for rapid future expansion

Lightfective is currently in various stages of studies and regulatory processes that are required to launch ReBorn in key international markets.

In Asia-Pacific, the company has recently passed regulatory hurdles for its first markets – Singapore and Australia, with other markets to follow shortly. Asia-Pacific is an important region in the beauty and aesthetic market, known to be early adapters and quick to implement new technologies. It has also been hit less significantly by COVID-19, compared to some of the other regions that possess a bigger challenge for new product introduction at this point in time.

Finally, Lightfective is in the process of clinical studies for FDA approval, in order to be able to enter the North American market. The company has already obtained all regulatory authorization required and is deep in the process. Lightfective expects to launch ReBorn in the USA during 2022.

In summary, as evident from the above, Lightfective is moving forward rapidly to spread the ReBorn message around the world and offer its customers and partners the latest cutting edge technology in fat reduction.


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