Lightfective Brings New Possibilities With ReBorn

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Lightfective, the aesthetic technology innovator behind the ReBorn non-invasive fat reduction system, is continuing its international expansion. Following its successful collaboration with aesthetics leader Indiba in Spain, the company has ventured into exciting new collaborations with a leading European and Israeli medical professional including:

Dr. Carlo Borriello – Maxillo-Facial Surgeon -– Milano,  – Italy

Lightfective CEO Tsvi Bahat: “ReBorn is a ground-breaking solution in the field of non-invasive fat reduction. This is an exciting development for our company and further validation for ReBorn by leading professionals in the field. We expect to continue to add collaborations and further expand our activities worldwide.”

What is so innovative about ReBorn by Lightfective?

ReBorn is transforming non-invasive professional fat reduction with its proprietary Power LED technology. This innovation leverages military-grade Power LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to provide uniform, homogenous heat precisely optimized for non-invasive professional fat reduction indications. This translates into unbeatable clinical results and high patient satisfaction.

The ReBorn technology is backed by years of scientific research and studies, and was developed by a team of industry veterans who are responsible for several major innovations in the field. It’s proven to remove unwanted fat and help shape and contour the body in a non-invasive, painless manner.

Since the commercial introduction of ReBorn, Lightfective has seen strong, constantly growing interest in the system, which has helped fuel its rapid international expansion.

ReBorn by Lightfective will be participating in the 23rd IMCAS Annual World Congress in Paris, June 3-5. The conference, one of the largest of its kind, focuses on major themes in aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery & aging science.

About ReBorn By Lightfective

ReBorn uses new and innovative Power LED technology, optimized for professional fat reduction, to deliver highly effective, safe, and consistent clinical results.

ReBorn’s flexible Power LED technology boasts several distinct advantages. It allows for a wide range of shapes, sizes, and surfaces to be incorporated into its applicators (treatment handpieces), allowing them to conform to virtually any body part or area (i.e., arms, inner thighs, buttocks). Light-based medical-aesthetic treatments are becoming more prevalent as technology improves. Using Lightfective’s patented Power LED technology, utilizing military-grade LEDs that are hundreds of times more powerful than regular LED’s, ReBorn is capable of evenly heating the entire treatment area for long periods of time, which makes it a highly effective non-invasive fat-reduction method.

ReBorn is not a laser, it is a patented LED technology that delivers top-notch results, with a high safety profile. ReBorn is highly cost-effective because it requires no consumables, entails no per-treatment or hidden costs. In addition to providing unmatched precision and comfort, ReBorn’s unique light source and cooling system ensure high treatment efficacy and patient throughput, maximizing patient satisfaction and compliance, and clinic profitability.[:]

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