11 Medical Esthetics Treatments for the Summer

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Hyaluronic acid fillers and biorevitalizers, along with aesthetic medicine treatments to firm and tone the body, get the green light for summer. Chemical peels and ablative lasers, however, are a no-go. Let’s explore what you can consider doing to prep for your summer vacation.

In the era of body positivity, talking about ‘getting back in shape’ or ‘bikini body readiness’ seems outmoded, and we won’t indulge in such discussions.

This article is designed to inform you about the latest and most effective treatments for those who desire minor and minimally invasive procedures to enhance their looks – whether that’s to feel more confident in a newly purchased bikini or a body-hugging dress. However, the main goal here is to feel better about oneself.

Feeling good in one’s skin is a highly personal matter, and it directly influences our psyche. It goes beyond mere aesthetics or striving for perfection.

This mindset is also embraced by an increasing number of celebrities, who often project an image of serenity borne from freeing themselves from the entertainment industry’s dictated aesthetics. They appear naturally, unbothered by wrinkles, signs of time passing, or fluctuations in weight. Health holds a priority place, irrespective of our weight and size. How we perceive and feel about ourselves is paramount.

With this fundamental premise in mind, if there’s something we dislike about ourselves, we are at liberty to address it and consider solutions offered by advancements in technology and medical-scientific research, which are now more accessible than ever.

What aesthetic medicine treatments are popular in summer? Is there stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t seem to shift? Skin sagging due to an excessively harsh diet? Or problems with cellulite and water retention that persist despite physical activity and adequate hydration? Perhaps you’re bothered by a lackluster complexion and some wrinkles?

Aesthetic medicine comes to the rescue for these and other conditions when a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough, making it an ideal time to consider a minor procedure.

“During the summer, the emphasis shifts more towards the body, as it’s the season when we tend to reveal more. The most popular treatments combat cellulite and water retention using mesotherapy, ozone therapy, and manual lymphatic drainage. Another common procedure is treating leg capillaries/veins with three-dimensional phlebology (TRAP) and vascular lasers. Lastly, localized fat deposits are addressed with cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting),” explains Dr. Claudio Carenzio, an Aesthetic Surgeon at Image Regenerative Clinic.

“In general, treatments involving lasers, injections, or machines need to be scheduled well in advance to ensure the results have stabilized by summer,” Dr. Carenzio adds.

What if aesthetic medicine doesn’t provide enough results? Even if we venture into the realm of surgery, it’s worth noting that both liposuction and mini-liposuction can be scheduled in anticipation of the holidays and are notably less invasive and painful, providing you choose the professionals to rely on with care. These aren’t just procedures sought by women; increasingly, men too are turning to these interventions to reshape their bodies. For instance, rapper Kanye West revealed on TMZ that he had liposuction, and famed radio host Howard Stern announced during his show that he had undergone the same procedure to remove his double chin.

“Liposuction and mini-liposuction are now routine outpatient procedures. During this period, the requests skyrocket (from both men and women) as these treatments, with minimal invasiveness and performed under sedation (not general anesthesia), offer short recovery times of around 1 to 4-5 days. They provide a safe, effective, and definitive solution where aesthetic medicine treatments fall short, or when you desire immediate results with a single procedure,” states Dr. Alice Miegge, a specialist in general surgery and an expert in plastic surgery, with a Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy at Image Regenerative Clinic.

Now let’s delve into the details and discover what we can schedule now – and what it will cost – to see tangible results in time for the holidays.

LED Fat Reduction

Reborn is the pioneering system that reduces localized fat using LED light properties. This technology, developed in Israel, uses an emission source set at 940 nm with four 35 cm2 applicators. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire treated surface, and the temperature of the subcutaneous fat cells rises to between 42-47°C, causing a selective cell destruction phenomenon called apoptosis.

“The treatment targets localized fat deposits: hips, abdomen, sides and inner thighs. The protocol involves three sessions, spaced a month apart, with noticeable reductions in size visible from the first session,” declares Dr. Carlo Borriello, a specialist in maxillofacial surgery, who conducts the treatment.

Translated from source: Vanity Fair Italy

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