ReBorn by Lightfective at AMWC Monaco 2023

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Lightfective is excited to showcase its groundbreaking ReBorn device and technology at the AMWC Monaco 2023 conference. The conference is a prime opportunity to demonstrate the innovative features and benefits of the ReBorn device to an international audience of medical and aesthetic professionals.

The Lightfective team, led by CEO Tsvi Bahat, will be joined by VP of Sales and Marketing Eyal Revivo, Clinical Director Dr. Hagit ZUARES, and VP of R&D Tomer TOUVIANO. The team’s expertise in business, medicine, and technology has been instrumental in developing and perfecting the ReBorn device.

Lightfective is a leading innovator in the field of medical and aesthetic technology. The company’s founders have a proven track record of success in developing cutting-edge products, and they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry. The company’s patented Power LED technology is poised to become the new gold standard for professional, constant-energy, light-based medical treatments.

The ReBorn device is the first in a planned line of professional solutions that will revolutionize the non-invasive fat reduction market. The device uses major advances in LED technology to provide a safe and versatile light source for uniform, highly efficient energy-based treatments. This technology allows for improved outcomes for patients while also reducing the risks associated with traditional fat reduction methods.

Lightfective is not only dedicated to improving the lives of consumers but also committed to supporting its partners’ success. The company provides financing, marketing, and ongoing technical service to ensure that its partners have the resources they need to succeed.

In conclusion, Lightfective’s ReBorn device and technology are poised to revolutionize the non-invasive fat reduction market. The AMWC Monaco 2023 conference provides an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase its innovative device to medical and aesthetic professionals worldwide. The Lightfective team’s expertise and commitment to excellence make it a company to watch in the medical and aesthetic technology industry.

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